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About Accord Healthcare

Accord Healthcare Australia is part of the global Accord Healthcare Group.  Accord is a young and dynamic pharmaceutical company, involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products to over 70 markets worldwide.  

Social Responsibility: Features


Accord is the commercial arm of lntas Pharmaceuticals, one of India’s top 10 Pharmaceutical companies and a pioneering biopharmaceutical company operating in India since 1976.  Accord controls all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain from lab scale development to API manufacturing, clinical trial capability and world class finished product manufacturing; ensuring quality, reliability and value. 

At Accord, we consider quality the key to our success. In addition to our strict adherence to GMP, our broader commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility is central to every aspect of our business and its impact on the environment, community, employees, healthcare practitioners and patients.

Since its inception in the UK in 2006, Accord has grown to be a dynamic global pharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products for over 70 countries around the globe.  


Accord's products are approved by Regulatory Authorities around the world, including:


Australia - TGA

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